Balding Grey Hair Styles: How You Can Become Sexier and More Attractive

Why is it that some men become more unattractive as they get older?

While other men have this magical quality to become MORE desirable to women as they age like fine wine into their 40s, 50s, and beyond?

The secret is simple: They fully embrace the journey of time and maximize the changes their body is going through.

And believe it or not, a large part of that involves taking advantage of your greying hairs instead of dyeing them away — the men who do so gracefully are known as “silver foxes”

This article will show you why you should aim to become a silver fox, and most importantly, how to become one.

What Is A “Silver Fox”?

There are many definitions of a silver fox, but they all mean the same thing:

  • “An attractive older man. Generally, one that has gray hair and is often desired by younger women” (Urban Dictionary)
  • “An attractive older person with gray or silver hair, especially a man” (
  • “A Silver Fox is an attractive, distinguished (visibly) older (generally over 50) person, often noted for their sexy silver or white hair along with their good looks and charm” (TV Tropes)

So where exactly did this term come from?

According to SlangIt, “silver fox” is derived from a rare breed of the animal found in nature:

“Actual silver foxes are a distinguished-looking, melanistic variant of the more common red fox. Because these animals are so athletic, clever, and eye-catching, and because older men’s hair resembles a silver fox’s when well-groomed, the term silver fox became a popular way to refer to a desirable silver-haired man.”

And although the term has been around since the 1920s, it wasn’t until the late 80s and the early 90s where the term was used in the context of describing how attractive an older man is to young women.

The term is much more popular now and a quick Google search will show you countless examples of men who are donning a stylish “salt and pepper” hairstyle.

Examples Of Silver Foxes

Let’s go over just a few instances of men who fit the definition of a silver fox.

The easiest go-to would be George Clooney, arguably the man who pulls it off almost better than any other celebrity actor:

Clothing, Coat, Dress shirt, Collar, Sleeve, Shirt, Outerwear, Formal wear, Standing, Suit,


Another good example would be CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who is almost always featured in many “Hottest Older Men” lists:

Anderson Cooper


And who could possibly forget about Steve Carrell, who arguably looks so much better with the grey hair and beard:

Celebs Who Look Even Better With Gray Hair, From Anderson Cooper to Steve Carell


There are too many lists to count, but Stars Insider seems to have the largest collection of men who won’t stop being handsome.

Yet keep in mind you don’t necessarily have to go with the traditional short-hair look: From long hair to the classic Ivy League hairstyle, there are numerous ways to style your hair in a way that naturally fits your facial structure and body type.

But you may not be convinced yet… which is why we have science and personal experiences from hundreds of women to make our case.

3 Reasons Why Men Should Fully Embrace The Silver Fox Hairstyle

There has to be something to the silver fox phenomenon — what’s really going on with the obsession for older men?

As it turns out, it’s not an unsolvable mystery.

Genetics Are On Your Side For Better Dating Prospects

Aging favors males overwhelmingly over women, so much so their peak sexual attractiveness goes all the way up to age 50:

“A recent study published in the journal Science Advances looked at 200,000 online dating profiles and found that men’s sexual desirability peaks at 50, while for women it peaks at 18 and goes down from there.”

“The age gradient for women definitely surprised us — both in terms of the fact that it steadily declined from the time women were 18 to the time they were 65, and also how steep it was”

When pressed for comment, one of the study authors expanded on why their findings match what men and women desire subconsciously:

“Dr Kerri McPherson, health psychologist at Glasgow Caledonian University, said there are inbuilt evolutionary mechanisms that lead us to make judgments on attractiveness on a non-conscious level.

Women of child-bearing age apparently opt for men eight to 10 years older than themselves rather than those of the same or younger age, as they think older men will be better providers for a family. And that’s apparently why we can find those grey-haired guys irresistible.”

“Women tend to report they find older men more attractive than younger ones. Older men tend to be more socially dominant that younger men, more likely to have accumulated wealth and more likely to be in a higher position of authority.”

The reverse is not equally true as you won’t see younger men pursuing older women at the same rate — it all comes down to fertility, which declines for women starting in their 30s.

Increased Perception of Authority and Expertise

There’s a good reason why you see older men in senior and executive roles don the grey hair: It gives them a vibe of greater wisdom and knowledge you wouldn’t get from a young 20-something male looking to get their careers started.

We can’t speak to this scientifically, but one interesting story of a 47-year-old in corporate communications published by The New York Post says it all:

“As my gray got more obvious, I started doing really well career-wise… What struck me was the changed way people responded to me. I was promoted to upper management of my company and even was acting as CEO on occasion.”

“A lot more people began reaching out to me on social media. I get a lot of people sliding into my DMs calling me daddy, zaddy, papi [and] sexy or chic silver fox… Interestingly, it’s both men and women.”

“I am really into it now. I proudly use the silver-fox hashtag on all my socials and I am investing in beard balms and oils… I am doing more at the gym, as well, so it’s an overall new final look I am working on: Gray and sexy, gray and healthy.”

Something worth thinking about if you’re getting ready for a major promotion in the near future!

Young and Attractive Women CRAVE An Older, More Mature Men

Here’s where the silver fox archetype will really do wonders for your dating and sex life.

As dating coach Nick Notas has observed in his decade of coaching men, younger women maturing faster than men leads them to seeking someone on their “level.”

As a result, it puts aging men with a well-kempt appearance at better odds:

“Those guys tend to earn better wages and therefore be better providers. They’re more likely to live on their own. They’re more cultured and have more world experience. And they generally have more self-confidence as they know who they are.

Combine women’s desire for a strong, mature man and men’s desire for a young, healthy woman to bear children and it all makes sense. It’s a win-win for both sides.”

And if you keep your hair groomed and clean, the sky is the limit for your pool of potential dating prospects:

“The survey of 2,000 women by mature dating website Footloose Dating aimed to discover the most, and least, attractive physical qualities in a potential partner. The poll reveals that for 54 per cent of women the “silver fox” look is the number one turn-on.

Being clean shaven came second, with 22 per cent of women preferring a smooth face to kiss, while having “sparkling” eyes was voted third, with 15 per cent.”

Ironically, “dyed hair” was the second most-cited turn-off in that study… right behind a pot belly!

So it’s best if you ditch your hair fiber solutions and quit pretending you’re younger than you actually are.

Because being a silver fox also projects experience and commitment, something women desperately want in today’s dating marketplace:

“It seems that women appreciate all the relationship experience older men might have had. And it is no wonder since they really have had enough time to develop and practice their skills for treating women right.

The knowledge of what makes love fail or go on gives them a bit of advantage. They understand what women usually need and what will make them happy. They know how to avoid (or at least try to avoid) the same problems they have already been through. And this makes the relationship that much easier.”

Additionally, with older age comes dominance, something you can’t exactly fake as a young lad:

“Dominance is an aphrodisiac for women. In animals, physical and social traits identify dominance in males. Social dominance is measured by success in attracting mates and forming coalitions with other males. In other words: high status. The rock star.

As men age, they are more likely to achieve higher social status and be socially dominant. This makes men more attractive as they get older.”

If you don’t believe us, read the testimonials of numerous younger women and their reasons for going after the older men.

Even our very own Jessica Olso can attest to this:

“Men look sexier as they exist as long as they take care of jawline and hair and teeth. More rugged, a sexiness to them. Like George Clooney. Even with the wrinkles, there’s a formula of aging in a sexy masculine way. Some girls have different preferences, but there’s always the “hard no’s” and the “hard yes’s” — a well-kept silver hairstyle is by and far  part of the latter”

How To Maintain A Full Head Of Hair Into Old Age

The only leftover question is what men can do to attain and maintain the silver fox look.

Contrary to conventional beliefs, you don’t have to let hair loss sabotage your life or get a hair transplant to cover up unsightly bald patches.

Genetics and other medical conditions may lead you to greying hair sooner or faster than others, but there are basic things you can do to maintain hair health and let the rest of your body complement your look.

Things like:

But without question, the best way to guarantee your chances of becoming a silver fox is through a hair follicle restoration process known as Vantis Follicle Replication.

Our expertly-trained hair loss practitioners have successfully used this method to give men a more aesthetic look and give off the impression of having denser, fuller hair.

We use the color of your facial hair and scalp hair during a painless and non-invasive scalp micropigmentation process that gives your hair a full 3D appearance.

The changes are dramatic but not too fast — it happens slow enough that people think you naturally got more hair but quick enough that you see immediate results

And the best part? The color changes we take into account will help your new hairstyle naturally change colors as you age, AND the results are permanent!

So if you are serious about becoming the silver fox you always knew you were destined to be, here are 3 easy ways we can help you today…

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