Why You Should STOP Using Toppiks and Caboki to Treat Thinning Hair

If you’ve dealt with thinning hair of any kind, you’re probably very aware of two solutions Toppiks and Caboki. Two extremely popular products in the hair restoration space meant to solve the disappearance of hair loss due to genetics, age, and a wide variety of factors. 

But are they all that they’re hyped up to be? And does a better alternative exist?

Keep reading to find out!

What Are Toppiks And Caboki?

Toppiks and Caboki are fundamentally the same product with one minor difference.

Both solutions involve the use of fibers that are topically applied to your scalp in areas where hair is thinning/receding. After some stylling, the fibers realistically blend in with the hair leftover on your head to give off the illusion of even hair growth.

Where both hair restoration treatments differ are the ingredient list. Here’s what you get from Caboki:

“The first is fibers extracted from a plant called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. It’s a variety of cotton (also known as Levant cotton) that grows only in the arid regions of Morocco.

The second ingredient is natural minerals, as its colorants to match your hair color.”

As for Toppik, keratin appears to be the main ingredient:

“Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made of Keratin protein – the same thing that makes up human hair. The Keratin protein comes from a natural wool source, which is the closest match to human hair.”

…Other Keratin fibers are derived from lower-grade sources like fish bones, nails and hooves, resulting in a texture and appearance that lacks in comparison to Toppik’s premium Fibers. The natural Keratin used by Toppik has an innate static charge that ensures Fibers adhere to any hair type”

Let’s see why these solutions look good on paper yet fail to deliver results in the real world!

How Toppiks and Caboki FAIL To Solve Hair Loss

Now that you understand how they work, let’s talk about the downsides…

The Root Cause Of Hair Loss Remains Unaddressed

At best, Toppiks and Caboki will help people who are suffering from mild to moderate hair loss. Patches of your scalp with a decent bit of hair left can be covered up but that’s as far as they go.

For more severe hair loss, neither product will sufficiently “add” on enough hair to mask the thinning of hair. It will be embarrassingly obvious to people around you and you’ll end up feeling emasculated for seeking out treatment.

Furthermore, you can expect to spend $500-$1,000 every year in replenishing your supply of Toppiks or Caboki if you intend to use them every day. If your hair loss gets worse over time… well, there’s only so much you can do to fix it.

Perspiration, Water, and Rain Are Your Worst Enemies

Both Caboki and Toppiks claim their products are resistant to rain, sweat, wind. However, there is one caveat that has to be disclosed:

“Toppik Hair Building Fibers stay until you wash your hair. They may shift but can be easily touched up. Many individuals who go to the salon weekly for a shampoo/set or a blow out will leave the Fibers in until their next appointment.”

So from the time you wash your hair, style your hair, and then apply the hair fibre solution to the thinning spots, you can only keep it on until you hop into the shower again. For some of us with dirtier hair who need more frequent washing, this isn’t exactly practical.

Impractical Staining Of Surfaces

Watch the video above and tell us if you’ve encountered this situation before.

You’re out on a date with a romantic partner and you’ve been offered the opportunity to stay over. Of course, your use of Toppiks or Caboki has left a great first impression. But what happens when you wake up the next morning?

Your hair fibers (i.e. the applied makeup solution) rub off on the pillowcase and leave a very visible mess. Or maybe it gets all over your clothes. Either way, you have two choices: Blame yourself and admit to lying about your hair loss, or blame your partner’s makeup and hope they buy into it.

Why bother dealing with something that you KNOW can be extremely messy and limiting in its use? Especially when a real solution exists to address all the pain points of cover-up products?

You deserve better and so does the person you want to get intimate with.

The TRUE Solution To Sustainable, Long-Lasting Hair Growth

At Vantis Institute, we don’t believe in temporary solutions or masking products. We either offer something which fixes a problem permanently or not at all.

In the case of hair loss, we have a proprietary and patent-pending treatment known as Vantis Follicle Replication (or VFR™). This non-surgical, non-invasive technique involves depositing plant-based, 100% organic physician-formulated pigments into your scalp.

Vantis aesthetically replicates the hair follicles already on your head, so you get the following results:

  • Hair density can appear 10 times thicker and fuller with each VFR treatment
  • Receive immediate results and look like you have a full head of naturally grown hair
  • Permanent results with repeated treatments (patients undergo 3-5 sessions that last about 3-6 hours each with two of our expert practitioner)

The treatment is hassle-free, pain-free, and requires zero downtime. Throw away the Toppiks and supplements and toss all the side effects with them. VFR™ will make your morning routine quicker, your life easier, and your wallet fuller. 

Interested? Here’s 3 easy ways you can get started today…

  • Visit our hair loss clinic in Newport Beach, California and receive a Free Consultation with a Vantis hair loss expert.
  • Call or text (949) 577-6531 to talk to one of our VFR expert practitioners now
  • Receive a virtual consultation via Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, GoogleMeet or Skype to answer all of your questions and develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired results. Schedule your FREE consultation here  

Here’s to a new head of hair and a healthier you!