Getting Real With Expectations: Are You The Right Candidate For Vantis Follicle Replication?

Here’s the truth: Yes, Vantis Follicle Replication is absolutely a great solution for most people.

However, not every man is the ideal candidate for Follicle Replication. We want to make sure your expectations are in line with what Follicle Replication can actually do for you. 

At Vantis Institute, ensuring that you have the best possible hair is our priority, even if that means pointing you in a different direction. This article isn’t just about Follicle Replication: it’s about you. Read on to learn if you’re the right candidate for Vantis Follicle Replication. 

To start off, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why clients choose Vantis. If you’re dealing with hair losskeep reading, you may have some of the same questions. 

Does Vantis Completely Reverse the Appearance of Balding?

This is a question almost every client has. The answer? Absolutely yes. VFR™ is an ideal option if you’re looking for density, restore your hairline, or conceal a bald spot.

On the other hand, if you’ve lost almost all of your hair up top but want to keep your hair long on the sides and back, Vantis Follicle Replication might not deliver the results you’re looking for.  As a non-surgical procedure, Vantis works by increasing the perceived thickness of your hair by a factor of ten. Vantis can restore your receding hairline.

Will Vantis give me “better” hair?

Vantis will restore your hairline to look natural and youthful: this means that, after a Vantis Follicle Replication procedure, you’ll look like the best version of you. 

To give you a precise idea of what you can expect, Vantis will share advanced digital imaging to showcase exactly how follicle replication will restore your hairline and conceal thinning or balding.

In every case, this means looking better and younger than you do right now. 

Will I have to change my hairstyle to benefit from follicle replication?

If you’re a candidate, you won’t have to! Vantis Follicle Replication works with a wide range of hair styles and lengths. We customize the procedure based on your specific hair loss situation, styling preferences and goals. Long hair, short hair, and shaved styles all work equally well. During your consultation, Vantis practitioners will identify how to achieve your best look. From there you will decide if VFR™ is the right fit for you.

Are you the right candidate for Follicle Replication?

Vantis Follicle Replication will be a great fit if:

  • Your hair is thinning and you want to conceal the thinning by adding the appearance of density. Follicle Replication technology works by magnifying the perceived density of your hair by up to 10x. 
  • You want to reclaim your hairline: Vantis’ patented technology perfectly replicates your own hair follicles. Vantis will reverse the appearance of balding and thinning. This means a return to your natural hair texture and aesthetics. We’ll share detailed digital imaging to give you an exact idea of what you’ll look like. 

Conclusion: Vantis is the next-generation hair loss solution for most men

At Vantis Institute, we’ve helped men across the world reclaim their confidence. During the initial consultation visit, we will go over your complete hair health history, your goals, and your expectations. We make a detailed assessment to determine whether you’re the right fit for Follicle Replication. Ultimately to determine if you’re a candidate for Follicle Replication, you need to take the first step and schedule a consultation with a Vantis hair loss expert to go over your situation and goals. If you’re a candidate , you’ll soon be on the road to a better hairline and a better you. 

Your hair is our priority. If you’re not the best fit for Follicle Replication, we’re not afraid to point you in a different direction: you deserve a better hairline and a better you.