Can You “Biohack” Your Way To Fixing Hair Loss?

Biohackers are far healthier than the average person because of one simple belief:

“If there is a problem with my body or mind, there exists a conventional or unorthodox solution to my problem and I can find it”

More lean muscle, faster fat loss, better digestion, improved cognition, greater lifespan… any aspect of health you name can be fixed, restored to normal, and even optimized to a very high level. 

But what about your looks? More specifically, what about the hair on your head

This seems to be the one part of your physical appearance that many biohackers appear unable to fix. Not out of an unwillingness to fix it, but out of a lack of knowledge about what truly works to reverse the gradual thinning and disappearance of hair with age. 

We’ll tell you the best therapeutic solution for hair loss, but first it’s important to have the right mindset before you use the solution. 

Biohacking Your Appearance: Is It Shallow And Superficial? 

You may believe there is something inherently wrong with wanting to look younger and appear more attractive to potential romantic/sexual partners. As if you will be judged negatively by your peers for wanting to change how you look. 

It’s one thing when a biohacker improves their health and a more aesthetic physique is the secondary outcome. Yet for some odd reason there appears to be a lot of guilt and shame about doing things in the opposite order. 

It turns out there is some emerging scientific evidence to suggest your appearance has a direct link to your overall health.

The evidence is not definitive in nature and many more studies are needed, but it points us towards a “common sense” observation many of us have had before.

One psychology study from 2001 attempted to find a link between facial averageness/symmetry and likelihood of poor health using 17-year-old males. The results are below:

…we examined whether these traits signal real, as well as perceived, health, in a sample of individuals for whom health scores, based on detailed medical records, were available. 

Perceived health correlated negatively with distinctiveness and asymmetry…Facial distinctiveness ratings of 17-year-olds were associated with poor childhood health in males, and poor current and adolescent health in females, although the last association was only marginally significant.”

And believe it or not, your hair can be used as a valuable biomarker in determining if you have an underlying health problem! Thinning, discoloration, brittleness, and accelerated graying can all be signs you have a much deeper problem brewing in your body. 

For instance, the American Academy of Dermatology Association reports that many people who experience hair loss are often not eating enough protein or iron. So even something as simple as a suboptimal diet can lead to a less-than-appealing hairline. 

Finally, consider the mental health benefits of boosting your perceived attractiveness with a shinier and fuller head of hair. 

One study found your attractiveness can have an impact on how much of a “giver” you are, and “givers” tend to be more conventionally beautiful:

“…it disproves the perception that beautiful people are self-focused and vain. Instead, the studies found that being rated as a little more attractive was associated with a little more generosity. 

Furthermore, Konrath noted that people spend significant amounts of money on beauty products and cosmetic surgery to improve their looks, yet it is possible that doing good could help to draw inner beauty to the surface.”

It all comes back to the highly established mind-body connection biohackers are very familiar with: Improving your body improves your mindset, and vice versa. 

If you want to be your best, you have to LOOK your best!

Why Many Biohackers Struggle To Regrow Their Hair 

So knowing what we know, why do biohackers seem perfectly content with giving up and decide to accept hair loss as a normal facet of life? Especially since they don’t have the same defeatist attitude for other aspects of their appearance? 

It comes down to having unrealistic expectations. In the same way any therapeutic solution takes time and effort to deliver results, so too does stopping hair loss and (hopefully) regrowing the hair on your scalp. 

You wouldn’t expect a ketogenic diet to take you from obesity towards a shredded six-pack in 30 days, would you? And you wouldn’t expect even the world’s best workout plan to take you from a skinny-fat individual to an IFBB bodybuilding professional in the same amount of time.

So why have the same disconnect when it comes to the scalp on your hair? 

The good news is a working solution already exists.

One which provides immediate short-term results to show visible progress in the mirror, and at the same time gives you long-lasting results which are permanent and look as if you naturally regrew your hair. 

Vantis Follicle Replication: The BEST Solution For Hair Loss 

At Vantis Institute, our proprietary Vantis Follicle Replication (VFR) process is the tried-and-true method for people who have visible hairline thinning. 

The process is very simple:

Each and every hair follicle is fully replicated by using microneedles to insert plant-based pigments into your scalp’s skin that match the color of your hair and the density pattern of the follicles. The end result is a full head of hair that naturally matches how your hair was genetically predetermined to grow. 

Here are just a sample of the benefits you’ll experience:

  • The process is completely pain-free and non-surgical
  • 2-4 treatments are all you need, with 1-2 weeks in between each session
  • No downtime is required — immediately go back to living your life!
  • Full privacy for individuals who are sensitive to having other people know about their hair loss efforts
  • Flexible payment options to accommodate your budget
  • Your hairline looks like your natural hairline, no more questions about the “work” done on your head

If you’re serious about stopping hair loss and want to know more about whether VFR is right for you, you have 3 options:

  1. Visit our hair loss clinic in Newport Beach, California and receive a Free Consultation with a Vantis hair loss expert
  2. Call or text (949) 577-6531 to talk to one of our VFR expert practitioners now
  3. Receive a virtual consultation via Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, GoogleMeet or Skype to answer all of your questions and develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired results. Schedule your FREE consultation here  

Here’s to a new head of hair and a healthier you!