Bring Back the Man: How Vantis Follicle Replication Helped These Men Take Control of Their Lives Again

You know what you want and how to get it. Whether that’s a seven-figure business contract, running a marathon, or dating someone new, you know how to seal the deal. It’s what men do. 

Whether we’re talking about business or life, first impressions matter. You’re in control of the way you dress, your attitude, and the way you talk to people. 

This is exactly what makes hair loss so terrifying. When your hair starts to fall out, and your hairline recedes, it can begin to feel like things are out of your control.  So when people start looking at you differently,  and your sex life flatlines, your hair loss insecurities start to affect other areas of your life. That, right there, is a big problem. 

So why do people come to Vantis Institute? Most of our clients are looking for a way to take control of their lives again, to bring back the man they’ve gradually lost over the years. Thanks to Vantis Institute’s proprietary and patent-pending hair loss solution, they get back the look of thicker fuller hair. They’ve helped men from all walks of life from corporate execs and celebrity trainers to public speakerstake back control, regain confidence and get back to being the best version of themselves. Every Vantis story is unique. In this blog, we will share a few testimonials to showcase how Vantis Follicle Replication empowered our clients. Read on, this could be you! 

Mark S. Memories, lost and found

Mark had a problem that wouldn’t go away. He is a high-powered exec at a Fortune 500 company and he wanted to spend more time with family and friends. It wasn’t that he couldn’t he had a great work-life balance and he spent plenty of time at home, he just felt like he wasn’t able to go out in public since he started losing hair. 

Mark was an alpha in the boardroom, but there was one thing he was absolutely terrified of: people making fun of him for his bald spot. 

When he went on vacation with family and friends, he’d stay indoors when everyone else hit the beach. He always had excuses: a last-minute client call, a Zoom meeting with his team, or something else. 

He didn’t know what to do… he was so confident and capable in every aspect of life except this. He would not chance having people notice the thinning on the crown of his head, and he hated that: there were so many memories and experiences he missed out on, every year. 

Vantis gave Mark his life back. After his VFR™ treatment, Mark got the confidence to step out in public again. For the first time in years, he wasn’t standing up tall so that people wouldn’t see the top of his head, he was standing tall because his confidence was restored. 

“On our last trip to Cancun, I went out on the beach, with family and my best friend. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to just go out and do normal things. I didn’t have to hide in our room anymore. If there’s one thing I regret, it’s not coming to Vantis years earlier.” -Mark 

Jason D. Seriously, what’s under the hat ?

Jason despised this question. He’s a celebrity trainer and is well aware of how important first impressions are. He’s confident and in great shape, and  his clients expect that out of him.

But six months ago, insecurity began to creep in. He started to feel like he had to hide his growing bald spot at all cost. So he started wearing a hat, at work and even outside.  Jason felt for the first time that he wasn’t getting noticed for his accomplishments but for the one thing he was hiding behind. When his clients noticed he was wearing a hat all the time, he would just laugh it off, but it was beginning to get to him. 

During one of Jason’s training sessions, one of his clients, who had gone through their own hair loss journey, recommended Vantis Institute. After a couple weeks of debating he finally built up the courage to reach out to Vantis.  He had a very simple objective in mind. “I wanted to go out there without wearing that damn hat . That’s all I want!”

After his consultation, Vantis practitioners identified that  Jason was a great candidate for Vantis Follicle Replication. He went in for his first session and then two weeks later went in for his second. He instantly saw a difference not only in his appearance but in the way he felt. Not only did he stop wearing a hat, he became a resource to his clients who were also struggling with hair loss. 

Ben M. What’s that brown stuff on the pillows?

Ben is in his 50’s and never really had trouble with his love life until a few years ago. He noticed  his hairline had started to thin, and was spending extra time getting ready. He got used to using extra gel to keep his hair in place, and began using Toppik (a spray-on hair fiber brand, also known as “hair makeup” to give the look of thicker hair). 

Ben would usually go on a few dates and it would fizzle out after that. It wasn’t because he lacked charisma or wasn’t good looking enough but because he had this little voice in his head telling him “they’re going to know you’re balding.” One instance, he went over to his date’s house to stay the night. In the morning he noticed brown stuff on her bed, and his stomach sank. Frantically he tried to wipe the “hair makeup” off her white pillows. When she woke up from the commotion, he embarrassingly blamed it on her face makeup. After that night he never spoke to her again. Not only did he not call her, he felt like he never wanted to re-enter the dating world again.

That was it for him,  Ben needed an answer: a way to look great while being true to himself. So that’s exactly what Vantis empowered him to do. During his initial consultation, Vantis’ Clinical Director Jessica Oslo told Ben that he was an ideal candidate for VFR™. His hairline was receding, but he had enough coverage across his scalp to guarantee convincing results. 

“I had two Follicle Replication sessions over one week. I was blown away by how easy the procedure was and how quickly I saw results. I mean, it was instant! I got my old hairline back without the mess of Toppiks. It cut my getting ready time exponentially. The best part is not having to worry about staining anymore pillows. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good about myself in years. Thanks to Vantis I am more comfortable with being completely myself and getting my hair back played a big part. Thank you, Vantis!” – Ben 

Bringing Back The Man: Vantis Helps You Reclaim Your Hairline – And Your Confidence

At Vantis Institute, we don’t just restore hairlines. We empower you to reclaim your hair confidence and be the man you see yourself as. With Vantis Follicle Replication, you get your natural hairline back instantly with no pain and zero downtime. 

Life doesn’t have to be a compromise: schedule a follicle replication consultation today with a Vantis hair loss specialist near you. Restore your hairline, then get back in the game!